17 Oct. 2018

Hyperion ESO press release

The VUDS team led by Olga Cucciati and Brian Lemaux, and other international collaborators, have uncovered a titanic structure in the early Universe. This galaxy proto-supercluster — which was nicknamed Hyperion — was unveiled by new measurements and a complex examination of archive data. This is the largest and most massive structure yet found at such a remote time and distance — merely 2 billion years after the Big Bang.

This is relayed by

  • INAF in Italy :
  • UC-Davis :
  • CNRS in France :
  • Scientific paper to appear in Astronomy and Astrophysics : arXiv:1806.06073

20 Dec. 2014

The new VUDS public website is online.

24 Nov. 2014

New results from VUDS in three new papers on arXiv.
The highlights of these new results are:

  • Clustering of galaxies
  • IGM transmission from VUDS spectra
  • The SFR-Mass main sequence
You can find them under the publications list.