Context & Goals

VIPERS Multi-Lambda Survey (VIPERS-MLS, PI: S. Arnouts) aims at providing photometry in the ultraviolet and Near Infrared wavelengths in the two regions observed by the "VIMOS Public Extragalactic Redshift Survey" (VIPERS, carried out at the VLT). The VIPERS-MLS NIR depth has been adjusted to guarantee an almost complete detection of the majority of the 100,000 spectroscopic high-z galaxies (with iAB<22.5). By combining with the NUV photometry from the GALEX Deep Imaging Survey (Texp=20-30ksec), we can assess reliable physical properties (SFR, dust, stellar masses) for most of the VIPERS sources. The original motivation is to investigate the evolution of galaxy properties within the cosmic web at high redshift as traced by VIPERS.
Beyond the VIPERS spectroscopic redshift, this unique multi-wavelength sample enable us to derive reliable photometric redshifts and physical properties for a few millions of sources. The large cosmological volume (0.< z <1.5) is ideal to analyze the evolution of galaxy clustering, weak lensing and environmental effects as a function of galaxy properties and to constrain the evolution of the stellar mass function of massive galaxies.

Data release

The catalogs released on this website include the CFHTLS-T0007 tiles that are overlapping with the WIRCam Ks band or with the GALEX observations. The source detection is based on the CFHTLS final release T0007 made by Terapix. However our optical magnitudes differ from the official release due to our scheme in estimating the galaxy colors, total fluxes and zero-point corrections tile by tile. The photometric redshifts also differ from the T0007 photo-z release because of the addition of the UV and NIR photometry when available.
The users should first read the photometric procedure described in Moutard et al. 2016a and Moutard et al. 2016b before using our catalogs.


We distribute this photometric dataset worldwide. Before using it pay attention to the limitations discussed in our data paper. We will greatly appreciate your feedback regarding any problems, issues or positive comments if you use it.