Ultra VISTA Information System at LAM

UltraVISTA is an Ultra Deep, near-infrared survey with the new VISTA survey telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Over the course of several years, UltraVISTA will repeatedly image the COSMOS field in 5 bands resulting in three key surveys:
  • an ultra-deep broad-band (Y, J, H, Ks) survey (1408hr) covering 0.73 deg²
  • a deep broad-band (Y, J, H, Ks) survey (212hr) covering the full 1.5deg² field
  • a narrow-band (180hr) survey covering the same region as the ultra-deep broad-band survey

This database is developed with the CESAM data center at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille - France.
It provides a user-friendly access to the full photometric catalogs and images.

You can query the data in several ways: