Interface news:

  • Spectra section is now available on synthesis page (example)
  • Planets section is now available on synthesis page (example)
  • Add pop-up run information on the RunID titles


Interface news:

  • Dataset ObsCat is now available
  • Multiple selections for "RUN ID", "CCD ID" and "WIN ID" parameters
  • SPECTRAL TYPE and LUMINOSITY CLASS parameters are now checkbox options
  • Display details of your results is automatically opened when you do a search
  • ExoDat documentation is now available in HTML format here


Interface news:

  • Three search modes are available : basic search, cone search, and list search. To know more, go to search form page
  • You can chose the output columns for the search results through the "output columns" button in the form pages
  • Harris B and V , Sloan-Gunn r′ and i′, and RGO U magnitudes from the OBS-CAT catalog are now available on output in the search results
  • The identifiers of a star in PPMXL, 2MASS, USNO-B1, TYCHO2, CMC14 and USNO-A2 are now available on "output columns" in the search results
  • The Quick access allows you to retrieve all information on one target using the corot-id or the target_id (synthesis page)
  • Finding charts are now available on the synthesis page
  • A cone search of 40'' radius centered at star's position is available in one click on the synthesis page. The result is displayed on an interactive map

Data news:

  • The reference catalog for magnitudes and positions is now PPMXL. To know more about this catalog, refer to this paper : http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2010AJ....139.2440R
  • The CoRot eyes have drifted and the extent of the database now cover two areas of 15º radius centered on the ecliptic plane at R.A.= 102.5 and R.A.= 282.5
  • The catalog has been extended over an areas of 1.5º radius centered at R.A = 285.2 and Dec = -15.0
  • CoRoT runs LRc07, LRc08 and SRa05 are now available in the public part