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The Direct Imaging Virtual Archive, DIVA, is dedicated to high-contrast imaging surveys, and more particularly to the main high-level science products (HLSP) of these surveys, such as detection limits and position of candidates. The increase of large-scale surveys in the recent years has produced a large quantity of these HLSP, which remain difficult to access once the surveys are published without reanalysing the data.

The detection limits carry information about the sensitivity to the presence of massive planets and brown dwarfs at large orbital separations. This information can be used to infer statistical properties on the population of these objects. Similarly, the position and contrast of detected candidates around each target is of prime importance for on-going and future surveys to save precious telescope time in follow-up.

The goal of DIVA is to gather in a consistent format the results of past and present surveys, and to serve as a reference tool for the scientific exploitation of high-contrast imaging surveys. While it currently holds data for some of the major surveys in recent years, it will only benefit the community if it is regularly updated with newly published data. If you wish your published survey data to be added to the archive, please contact the DIVA scientific team.

The DIVA project was initiated by Gaël Chauvin, Arthur Vigan, Claire Moutou and Mariangela Bonavita (Vigan et al., 2017).


The DIVA project was initiated by Gaël Chauvin, Arthur Vigan, Claire Moutou and Mariangela Bonavita, with the technical support of Jean-Charles Meunier.

Hervé Le Coroller is responsible of the new website DIVA+ that will be soon available at this same URL address.
Diva+ will include new tools such as scientific plots (color-magnitude, orbits, astrometry of the background stars, etc.) plus a new search engine using a large combination of criteria.

DIVA+ is an INSU-SO5 service of the Data Center project managed by Nadege Meunier at Grenoble.
All the data reduced by the Data Center are automatically imported in DIVA+ in the HCI-FITS format.
DIVA+ is developed with the CeSAM technical support : Jean-Charles Meunier, Chrystel Moreau, Yannick Roehlly, Christian Surace

The scientific team is extremely grateful to Beth Biller, Gaël Chauvin, Stephen Durkan, Raphaël Galicher, Ari Heinze, Markus Kasper, David Lafrenière, Elena Masciadri, Tiffany Meshkat, Julien Rameau, Inseok Song and Arthur Vigan for sharing their processed survey data.

If you use DIVA for your research, please include the following acknowledgment:

"This research has made use of the Direct Imaging Virtual Archive (DIVA), operated at CeSAM/LAM, Marseille, France."

What's new

2021-02-23: Addition of the SHINE-F150 survey.

2019-01-09: Added the IDPS-II (Galicher et al. 2016) and Meshkat et al. (2017) surveys

2017-09-15: Added the Durkan et al. (2016) Spitzer/IRAC survey

2017-03-01: first public release