VIMOS VLT Deep Survey Database

This environnement provides access to all data from the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey.
The VIMOS VLT Deep Survey (VVDS) is a comprehensive deep galaxy spectroscopic redshift survey conducted by the VIMOS collaboration with the VIMOS multi-slit spectrograph at the ESO-VLT. The VVDS is a combination of 3 nested purely magnitude selected surveys: Wide (17.5 ≤ iAB ≤ 22.5; 8.6 deg²), Deep (17.5 ≤ iAB ≤ 24; 0.6 deg²), Ultra-Deep (23 ≤ iAB ≤ 24.75; 512 arcmin²), with a total of 22434, 12051, 1041 galaxies with measured redshifts in the range 0 < z < 6.7, as identified in the redshift histograms below.

The VVDS fields include:

  • The VVDS-02h field centered at alpha_2000=02h26m00s delta_2000=-04deg30'00". The total area is 0.61 deg2 from the Deep survey and 512 arcmin2 from the Ultra-Deep Survey
  • The VVDS-10h field centered at alpha_2000=10h03m39s delta_2000= 01deg54'39". The total area is 1.9 deg2 from the Wide survey.
  • the VVDS-14h field centered at alpha_2000=14h00m00s delta_2000= 05deg00'00". The total area is 2.2 deg2 from the Wide survey.
  • the VVDS-22h field centered at alpha_2000=22h17m51s delta_2000= 00deg24'27". The total area is 4.0 deg2 from the Wide survey.
  • the ECDFS field centered at alpha_2000=03h32m28s delta_2000=-27deg48'30". The total area is 0.13 deg2 from the Deep survey.

  • References:
    • VIMOS spectrograph: Le Fèvre et al., 2003, SPIE, 4841, 1670
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    When using data from the VVDS database in publications, please include the following acknowledgements: This research uses data from the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey, obtained from the VVDS database operated by Cesam, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille, France.

    Database contact:
    Vincent Le Brun : Database scientist manager
    Chrystel Moreau : Database & Information System manager