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How can I submit a catalogue to be hosted by ASPIC?
To implement new data on ASPIC :
- Contact the ASPIC manager to explain your project
- The ASPIC users committee validates (or not) the ingestion of your catalogue.
- Prepare the Data files (csv, fits or VOtable format) with Readme description file
- The CeSAM team installs and configures the new data.
see the newdata page for more details.
How can I run the GAZPAR tools on a catalogue hosted by ASPIC?
You can run the GAZPAR tools through the Interface :
How can I retrieve all data, added values available under ASPIC?
To retrieve all ASPIC data see the download page.
What are the correct acknowledgments for ASPIC/GAZPAR/CeSAM?
The correct acknowledgments for ASPIC/ceSAM are :
"Research work benefiting from the use of ASPIC data at CeSAM should include the following acknowledgement in publications :This research has made use of the ASPIC database, operated at CeSAM/LAM, Marseille, France."
Please also correctly acknowledge the use of the data themselves: see the acknowledgement page for official acknowledgments of the different data available in ASPIC.