ANIS technical solution

The template user interface

ANIS proposes for all new scientific projects a default interface developed with web 2.0 technologies, mainly PHP5, HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery. A project interface is com- posed with four search forms, the cone-search, the criteria search, the list search and the sql module. Each search form module is built from the metadata database filled by the project’s owner. The result page used a jQuery’s plugin named ”Datatables” which displays information through a table with several functionnalities like sort by column or column filter. Finally, each web page can be personalized by editing HTML5 or CSS files.

The framework

The ANIS’s kernel is an API developed with full PHP5 and composed of several pack- ages. These packages follow the model-view-controller pattern to organize the code. Each project interface uses this API to work. The model package is the most im- portant because it gives a solution to control the business database and the metadata database. For example, the sub package SqlBuilder has been developed to create Sql query through php objects (properties and methods). The sql query main object can be serialized in JSON and sent page by page without session technology.

The databases

The databases have been developed with the PostgreSQL 9.2 technology and optimized for astronomical request. We use the PostgreSQL / pgSphere combination on to obtain good and quick results for the cone search. The metadata database manage the user interface. It contains the datasets, the metadata of these columns and all theses join datasets. For example, the information system manager can choose if a column is a criteria, and select the type of the criteria (text value, selection list, checkbox or radio button). He can also choose if a column is an output parameters.

The connections

The schema shows the connections between the different entities. This is the diagram of system sequences which represents the linking of the works for a search.


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